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Paul “Woody” Forrester Cup

2017 was the first year of competition for the Paul ‘Woody’ Forrester Memorial Cup. This competition sees the College’s First and Open teams compete against St Laurence’s Old Boy (SLOB’s) Select teams. Competition between the College and Old Boys has been occurring for a large number of years across a number of sports. The inception of the Paul ‘Woody’ Forrester Memorial Cup formalises these competitive events across the whole school year.

The cup is named in memory of Paul ‘Woody’ Forrester. Woody was a staff member at the College from 1966 to 1996. He was also the Sportsmaster at the College from 1981 to 1987. The dedication Woody put into developing the St Laurence’s sports program was legendary and the students, staff and greater St Laurence’s community of the era hold him in the highest regard. Woody past away in October 2016 but his legacy to St Laurence’s College sport will live on with the naming of this annual competition after him.

Year Cricket Swimming V’ball Football C-Country B’ball Tennis Athletics Winners
2017 College Old Boys College College  Old Boys College Old Boys College College
2018 Old Boys Old Boys College Old Boys Old Boys  Old Boys Old Boys  College Old Boys
2019 Old Boys College Old Boys    College